The Little Known Drivers of Easter, Part 1

The Little Known Drivers of Easter: Approaches

This is a series of imagined conversations and observations  of the sort that would have been happening among the people who were in Jerusalem with Jesus during the first Easter. Understanding how they viewed Jesus, since they had no idea how the story would end it will help us re-discover why, with our hindsight 2,000 years later, we still do Easter at all.

We can of course read about the real events of Easter in the four canonical gospels and various other contemporary writings. What I am offering in the weeks ahead is a series of short pieces of historical fiction, drawn from the material I discovered writing The Blood of Innocents.

And so Part 1:

In the Wadi Qelt: The story opens as Jesus and some disciples are on the road to Jerusalem, part of a larger party of travellers all heading there from Jericho by the Dead Sea. Through a conversation between Jesus and a fellow traveller we glimpse ordinary Hebrews might have viewed Jesus.