Make life easier….?

As if information technology was ever going to make life easier….

My thanks to those who have continued to read my Lent blogs through April and May. I hope some of you have managed to find your way to somewhere like Amazon to sample (or even buy) Blood of Innocents. Easter itself has been a dark time for me on a host of levels, hence my silence on the blogs.

My thanks too to all who have taken the trouble to post comments on my thoughts about Jesus and the people who were around him that first Easter. WordPress have emailed me suggesting I ‘moderate’ the comments and I have been tantalised by the first lines of each of them and the (…) symbol which suggests people have written more.

Then, of course, I am offered options like ‘approve’ or ‘edit’ and, most intriguing of all ‘history’. Sadly though, WordPress don’t seen to offer me a option to ‘read’. So I am still none the wiser about what you kind people have taken the trouble to say.

If anyone knows WordPress well enough to tell me, in about two sentences before you get cut off by the dreaded (…), how I get to read the comments kindly submitted by people, then I’d be very grateful for the advice.

On a more positive note I just spent a fabulous weekend in Scotland visiting, among other things, the Garden of Cosmic Speculation. I’ll offer some thoughts in the next few days.


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