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What You’ll Find Here

Welcome to my blog, here you will find various reflections regarding Easter, including a series of blog posts and a series of vlogs. alongside these are a number of my musings over life, the world and everything in it. I hope you enjoy your visit and come back later for more thought-provoking content.

My various social media links are at the bottom of this thread is you’d like to ask me a question or keep up to date on my posts.

About The Book

The novel The Blood of Innocents was September 2012.  The book looks at the last few weeks of the life of Jeshua ben Joseph, more commonly known by his more common Roman/Greek name, Jesus. His title ‘Christ’ is a translation into Greek of the Hebrew messiah which itself meansanointed‘. This blog will also post occasional thoughts about what Jesus might say about the events of our times.

Why did a jobbing tradesman who never (as far as we know) went more than a few days walk from his birthplace get his name so widely known? The book views his execution, and the events which led to it, through the eyes of various people who were alongside him or who set out to get him killed.

After his death his followers, almost literally to a man (though not quite to a woman), abandoned him as messiah simply because he was dead. Messiah was expected to lead them into a war of liberation against the Romans to free their ancient homeland from foreign tyranny. Jesus never even started to do that. Instead he died on one of their crosses. So why did hundreds, who knew he had been killed, decide he was messiah anyway?

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